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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a doula?

A doula is a trained professional who provides emotional, physical, spiritual, and informational support to first time and expectant parents before, during and after birth, as well as while trying to conceive or in the early postpartum period.

A doula's goal is to help families have a safe, healthy and positive labor and birth experience.

There are a few different types of doulas such as a birth, postpartum, pregnancy loss, and fertility doula.

The awesome thing is many doulas offer all services (known as full-spectrum doulas), so be sure to ask questions to be sure you find the doula you need and that way you may be able to stick with one doula throughout the whole process. 

Doulas do not perform medical procedures (which means they do not diagnose and should always advise you to reach out to your healthcare provider for medical advice). The beauty is because they aren’t busy with the medical side of things, doulas are able to provide uninterrupted emotional and spiritual support to moms and their families during labor and delivery.

It takes a village, and it is good to have both your doula and your OBGYN and or Midwife because their roles are very different. 

What is a Yoni Steam?

What are the benefits of having a doula? 

A doula offers the ongoing support you need throughout labor, delivery and beyond.

OBGYN's or midwives may change shifts, and some may only be present during the final stages of birth. Doulas, however, meet with you before the birth, stay with you during the entire labor and birthing process, and will make one or two postpartum follow-up visits to check on you and your family.

Studies have shown that doulas can assist with cutting back on time spent in labor, reduce a mom’s and/or birthing partners anxiety, help lower the rate of medical interventions (including C-sections), and improve mother-baby bonding during the postpartum period (The Fourth Trimester). 

A doula may be especially helpful for moms and birthing persons who's on their own, either by choice or because their partner can't be or isn't present (for reasons including military deployment). 

What are the benefits of a Yoni Steam?

Yoni steaming also known as V-steaming’ amongst other names involves squatting or sitting over a pot of hot, steaming water that is infused with herbs. It's often considered a spiritual thing for your body, mind, and soul. A Yoni steam is a gentle form of hydrotherapy that introduces fresh or dry herbs to the vulva through warm steam. 

Note: This is a basic definition, and you will learn more as we begin to work together.

Some of the benefits of vaginal steaming is the following. 

  • Balanced hormones.

  • Womb Cleansing 

  • Womb Detoxification.

  • Womb Rejuvenation/ Tightening.

  • Faster recovery after childbirth/ Postpartum Care.

  • Fertility.

  • Hemorrhoid relief.

  • Increased energy.

  • Fewer headaches.

  • Overall pain relief.

  • Stress or depression relief

  • Remove Soul Ties/Energetic cleansing of past sexual partners.

  • Rise in libido, natural lubrication as sensual pleasure. 

  • Gives women their instinctive power within.

And more!

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