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Growing Seeds, Inc. Services

We Put Your Needs First

Black Indigenous People of Color Doula (BIPOC) Mentorship Program and Emotional Wellness Services

Working from Home

 BIPOC Doula Mentorship Program 

This program is to support you in becoming confident, trauma-informed, and justice and equity focused. We thrive in community as we are a communal people. 


The mentorship program includes-

*Individualized support (1-2) Monthly One on Ones)

*Text and Email consultation as needed

*On-call services during and after births (for support and debriefing)

*Skill development 

*Evidenced based information and education

*Trauma- Informed information and education 

*Diversity, Equity and Inclusive information and education

*A private Facebook group and message community to connect with other Black/ BIPOC Doulas 

*Monthly virtual Meet up with our community to discuss an array of birthing topics

*Opportunity to build relationships with other doulas for back-up 

*Business Planning 101

Please schedule an Exploration Call:

I look forward to hearing from you soon! 



8 Week Program: $250

12 Week Program: $350 

$50 dollars off for the Month of November

Cooking Together

 Conscious Conception

Prepare Your Life to Bring Life

This is a trauma-informed sacred space where you will be able to breathe, share, be encouraged, give encouragement, be heard, be seen and sit still. WE discuss reproductive and perinatal health, life balance, health and holistic emotional wellness and the importance of preparing to conceive. 


Duration: 1 hour. Virtually

1 hour: $44

Healthy Salad

Holistic Wellness and Health Coaching Session (Virtual)

1-hour online private coaching session. This is a time we will discuss healthy meal planning, eating to feed, and preconception, prenatal and postpartum healthy life planning.

1 hour: $65

Placenta Art.jpg

Placenta Art 

This is a sacred time and space for us to create the most beautiful placenta art. You get to choose the colors, if you choose to be the artist with my guidance or want me to pick up, create, and drop off your placenta with your placenta masterpiece (art). You can ensure I will handle your placenta with care.

1 hour: $44 With Frame

1 hour: $30 Without Frame

A Woman Sitting in a Coffee Shop and Writing

Birth Story Writing Circle 

This is a time to write your birth story. This is a trauma- informed writing circle. Come ready to put pen to pad and express through poetry, short stories or more!  What you may want to bring: a candle, incense, a blanket, a glass of water, and or anything that will make you comfortable.


Duration: 1.5 hours. Held online.

1.5 hours: $55

Inquire about Placenta Birth Art:

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