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We Put Your Needs First

Emotional Wellness Services


 Meditative Peace Circle

It's Your Time To Breathe

This is a sacred space where you will be able to breathe, let go, release, relax, share. be encouraged, give encouragement, be heard, be seen and sit still. WE discuss life, love, holistic emotional wellness and all that it means.


Duration: 1 hour. Virtually

1 hour: $44

Enjoying Nature

Complimentary Discovery Call for Wellness Services (Health Coaching and/or Life Coaching)

This is the time where we discuss your needs, wants and goals for having a Health and or a Life coach. You will have an opportunity to learn about me and to see if I am the one you would like to choose to partner with you on this part of your life's journey.


30 Day, 90 Day and Six Month Programs Available.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Healthy Salad

Holistic Wellness and Health Coaching Session (Virtual)

1-hour online private coaching session. This is a time we will discuss healthy meal planning, eating to feed, and preconception, prenatal and postpartum healthy life planning.

1 hour: $65

Notebook and Fountain Pen

Wellness Writing Circle 

This is a sacred trauma-informed space where we write from our heart through poetry, short stories, timeline work and any other form your heart needs to speak. Topics such as birth, inner child healing, perinatal loss, identifying your purpose, wellness, mental and physical health, relationships, family and many more. Healing Music and sound will be used as well as journaling. Come ready to encourage and to be encouraged.  Let's heal! YOU are welcomed in this sacred space. Things you may want: a quiet place, a journal or paper, a candle, incense, a cozy blanket, and anything else to make you comfortable.

Duration: 1 hour. Held online.

1 hour: $44

A Woman Sitting in a Coffee Shop and Writing

Birth Story Writing Circle 

This is a time to write your birth story. This is a trauma- informed writing circle. Come ready to put pen to pad and express through poetry, short stories or more!  What you may want to bring: a candle, incense, a blanket, a glass of water, and or anything that will make you comfortable.


Duration: 1.5 hours. Held online.

1.5 hours: $55

Inquire about Placenta Birth Art:

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